Press Release: Southeast Texas Olive Unveils New Packaging for 100% Certified Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Devers, TX – Southeast Texas Olive, a family-owned and operated olive orchard in Devers, Texas, has always produced premium extra virgin olive oil using only all-natural farming methods. Started in 2009 with a first crop for sale in 2014, Southeast Texas Olive has proudly distributed their products knowing that every bottle sold was organically planted and grown in rich Texas soil for the very best harvest possible. In mid 2015, without changing a single component of their process, the orchard achieved official certification from two world-renowned agencies: the USDA as well as the CCFO, a nonprofit organization that promotes organic farming through a wide range of global channels and resources.

According to co-owner Randy Brazil, the farming process at Southeast Texas Olive hasn’t changed with their current certification. The orchard’s packaging, however, has. Brazil discussed the new labeling for their first official organic-certified crop that was harvested this past fall. “Our customers have always known that we believe natural is best. Since starting Southeast Texas Olive, our team has advocated all-natural techniques throughout every phase, including planting, harvesting, milling, and pressing. Our 100% organic certification doesn’t change how we operate. The USDA and CCFO accreditations just mean we can now let consumers know what we have always known – they are buying a delicious Texas olive oil that meets the very highest agricultural standards.”

The orchard’s deep Texas roots all began with an Italian petroleum engineer. Gino Venitucci believed the grove’s Devers location would generate exceptional fruit due to the region’s climate comparison to his native country. He was right. In 2009 Venitucci planted 40 acres of olive trees and Southeast Texas Olive operations officially commenced. Today there are more than 34,000 Koroneki and Arbequina trees spread out over the 120-acre farm. Current owners, Randy and Monica Brazil, Melissa and Culley Devillier, and Steve and Rhonda Devillier continue the work Gino initiated with superior results.

While the owners agree the farm’s clean agricultural process plays a significant role in both the quality and flavor of their extra virgin olive oil, they also recognize that packaging contributes to product excellence as well. In addition to new labeling, Southeast Texas Olive unveiled new bottles for their certified organic merchandise. Previous yields were distributed in square, transparent containers. This year’s crop hits the marketplace in round, dark glass bottles designed specifically to preserve quality. “We harvest and process our fruit within 24 hours for optimal freshness,” Brazil notes. “In fact, all our current stock was just picked this past fall. But, we don’t stop there. Our new dark bottles keep light out, warding off stale flavors while sealing in the delicious, fresh taste that everyone expects from Southeast Texas Olive. It’s just further proof of our unwavering commitment to delivering the very best extra virgin olive oil possible.”


About Southeast Texas Olive

Since 2009, Southeast Texas Olive has proven Texas soil can produce world-class extra virgin olive oil. Family owned and operated, the experienced team at STO uses organic agricultural methods and the very best harvested fruit to deliver exceptional products without preservatives, additives or fillers. Contact the Southeast Texas Olive team or visit our online shop ( to order your bottle today!


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